Why I am so much more than my resume

A friend and I were talking today about random topics, but eventually we came to the topic of representing ourselves, and cataloguing who we are. We both agreed that Facebook, and current social media outlets lacked a certain element that was essential to cataloguing who we were. They lacked the ability to tell a profound story. We are all multi faceted people, yet the only thing that Facebook lets you see is the crap that your friends are posting on the web. It doesn’t do an effective job of telling you, or anyone else, what that person’s full story is. For me, I feel that a person’s story defines who they are, and a measure of my friendship with someone is how well I know their story. An understanding of their story leads to an understanding of who he/she is as a person. Thats when we ran into a block. It seemed that in our world captivated by immediacy we lost the ability to tell good stories. Not a single good social media outlet allowed for the ability to tell high quality stories. 

At this point, you are probably wondering how this has anything to do with resumes. Imagine, the only story of you that your employer sees before they give you an interview is your resume. It is supposed to stand as a quick summary of all the important things you have done; yet, most of the time, most employers want to know who you are and state that that is just as important of an element in the hiring process. Than why do we stick to the old mundane idea of a resume? Resumes are one dimensional lists of accomplishments. They lack character, and cannot give anyone any insights about who you are as a person. They can’t tell people about your interests or pending thoughts and mental state. Instead they catalog what jobs you had and your projects in that vocational position. 

I don’t know what we can do to improve the resume just yet, but I am so much more than a resume. I have a personality, I have experiences, I have challenges, and these are all things I want to show the world about me. I want to tell a story about how I got here, not just list out highlights. I want to let the world experience me, and let them look into who I am. 

For now, I think I will settle for a personal website that maybe one day will get created.

A sneak peak of what it might look like:





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