The Princeton Bubble

Its been almost three weeks of school now, and man has the year gotten off to a fast start. In one of my classes the teacher even mentioned the word “midterms”. Sigh, such is life at Princeton, a life that moves with such lightning quick pace that it makes you forget how hard you are working or how far you have come or how far you have to go or really anything else about the world. We call it fondly the “Orange Bubble.” You know that bubble where we focus on nothing but ourselves, and our own desires for learning in this holy sanctum of knowledge called Princeton University Campus. Its as if the real world doesn’t even exist when you are busy learning and studying here.

Daily Life

I wake up, go to class, hang out with friends, concentrate (at least attempt to) on homework, catch up on readings, go to meetings, read papers for research, and try to examine the ten thousand different things I can do to maximize my utility in life while learning about why morality may or may not exist. Before I know it, the day is over, I am exhausted, and my bed looks way more comfortable than it did in the morning. Its like living in a constant whirlpool of messy work. I have started to adopt the mantra that there will always be work, and that it will always get done. The only thing I can control is when it gets done. Might seem obvious, but hey, it basically builds in procrastination, so I am willing to accept that.

The Circle of Stress

My friends and I are point blank just weird. Not weird in the elementary school way of weird, but more in the habitual way of the word. We habitually try to make our lives more difficult, and stressful. Its as if having free time is contagious, and is something that should be avoided. Its as if we feel ashamed to say that life is good, that life is easy, and that free time is plentiful. We are scared of the freedom and emptiness that comes with free time. We are scared of looking less than our peers who are pushing their own limits. When everyone is amazing, being subpar suddenly makes you stand out, and that is the biggest fear of all.

Just some musings to further procrastinate on my work. May have helped that I just did some philosophy reading.


Very poorly written articles.


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