What does it mean to be satisfied?

Satisfaction is a weird quantity. Its so vague, so hard to grasp. I have grown up my entire life searching for things that would satisfy my desires. Whether it be a job that is satisfying, or classes that are satisfying to take, or food that is satisfying to eat. However, as I continue to search for satisfaction it seems that satisfaction seems to get further and further distant. The more you chase it, the further away it seems to get, the harder it becomes to reach, and the more unsatisfied you feel. Why is it that we can never reach satisfaction?

In soccer, or futbol, commentators will often talk about hunger. They will comment on how a player is not hungry enough for goals when a striker goes on a dry spell for a while. They will state that the team is not hungry enough for success and victory when in the 80th minute of a game it appears that the team has lost all will to play. Most importantly it seems that the commentators really are suggesting that these teams have become satisfied with the scoreline, feel that it is what it is and will not change. Similarly, as a person seeking to be the best he can be, should I always remain in a state of hunger? Is that the best way to push forward? Does hunger always have to oppose satisfaction?

See hunger has a downside. It leads to anxiety, constant pressure, and constant dissatisfaction with the current situation. If I was a spiritualist, I would say thats a lot of negative energy to live in. That negative energy takes a toll on everything you do, but most importantly it takes a toll on your willingness to explore. To keep up, you optimize which areas you need to be hungry in. You tune your brain to efficiently process the areas of focus. You make yourself, in other words, into a well oiled machine. One capable of flying progressing along a single branch as quickly as possible. But we are supposed to be humans, not machines. We are supposed to thrive in exploration, not dive through depth as quickly as possible. With this in mind, should we stay hungry?

Without hunger, what prevents one from becoming simply lazy? In short, nothing. Newton’s laws suggest that an object at rest will remain at rest until an outside force acts upon it. In the human situation, this force is the hunger, the driving pain to do better. It forces us to do the unimaginable. It forces us to push our boundaries. Its what allows us to better ourselves.

Perhaps what is really needed is extended alternating sessions of satisfied laziness and extreme hunger. One balances the other, allowing each to serve with maximal impact.


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