Dean’s Date Musings

Its Dean’s Date tomorrow. If you are not from Princeton, you might be wondering, what exactly is Dean’s Date? Actually, to tell you the truth, I don’t really know what it is either. All I know is that a shit ton of assignments are usually due on that day. This last week has been interesting. I think I have discovered something about myself that I didn’t realize. I realized that priorities often change, and that we often change what we need from life. This summer I was frustrated beyond my wildest belief. I desired to do something important with my life, something that would make me feel proud of what i had accomplished. Instead, I was stuck doing some side projects that meant little to my general life. Now, I feel satisfied, and yet I still haven’t accomplished anything of note. I wonder, why is it that suddenly I have become satisfied with whatever state my life is in?

Over winter break, I accomplished so little and enjoyed life so much. I think when I got back to school I was still addicted to that lifestyle. I still wanted to wake up at 10 am, meander around till around 5 PM and then eat dinner and repeat the cycle the next day. I lost the desire to work hard and to always strive to do my best. Somewhere along the way, I decided that whatever I enjoyed doing was good enough, and if I felt like doing it I would do it, otherwise oh well. I kinda like this style of life. Im happier, my body is well more rested, and life feels less rushed. Maybe, Ill keep this style of life. Maybe, I won’t. But priority wise, I think relaxation and happiness definitely top success and achievement.

Till my next musing.


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