Being Comfortable With Risk

As college comes to an end there are lot of things that are about to change in my life. From where I live, to how I live, to who I may hang out with, to what my daily routine will look like, all these things are about to change. With so much change comes a lot of anxiety and a lot of uncertainty for what the future holds. I often sit wondering: “How do I manage and prepare for these changes?”

In high school, I had a band instructor that once told me: “Its okay to skin your knee every so often. In fact, you should be willing to skin your knee every so often.” Translated, he suggested that taking risks is a part of growing up and you should be comfortable with those risks potentially failing completely. His point was that if you never attempted to grab the reward associated with that risk, you had basically failed anyways, but instead of having a small probability of success you had zero probability of success since you never took the leap of faith. Its odd to think that this statement resonates with me so much after so many years. He was the band teacher that always forced me out of my comfort zone, and was the one who made me feel comfortable with being loud, heard, and front and center. Even today, I prefer to be the wizard behind the curtains rather than the showman on stage, but my band teacher forced me to realize that sometimes its important to be pushed out of your comfort zone, in fact thats where you get the best growth and learning.

With so much changing, perhaps its time I heed the advice of my old band teacher and meet the changes head on rather than worrying about them from behind the curtain. Maybe, by meeting them head on I can ensure that the sting that comes from skinning your knee isn’t as bad as it could be. Being out of a comfort zone is hard, but it yields so many learnings that maybe just maybe its worth it to be a little uncomfortable.


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